My Sex Experience with Female Escorts

Female Escorts

I married a woman that is always moody and nagging. The thought of going back home from work used to bog me down every day. To reduce the amount of time that I spend with my wife, I decided to be spending some time withfemale escorts. I have several companions that I book and meet in a hotel downtown.

These models have always provided the relief that I used to yearn for. They know how to treat me like a man. I love the way they make me feel like I am their king. Anytime I feel the need to relax and calm my nerves, I set up a meeting with these temptresses.

My First Meeting

It all started when the thought of divorcing my wife hit my head. But the thought of being away from my kids made me think of another way out. I am in an almost sexless marriage. My wife is most of the time never in the mood for sex. What’s more, the way she talks and approaches me pisses me off. As such, I had to look for a way out. My friend had told me how he was dating a beautiful companion.

I also decided to book one of the beautiful models he always talked about with the agency he recommended. We agreed to meet in a hotel room downtown. I must admit that the lady was way more beautiful than my wife. She treated me with respect and made me feel special. On top of that, she was ready to give me all the sensual pleasures I yearned for.

Ultimate Sensual Pleasure

Upon meeting in the hotel, we took a shower together because I was from work and tired. This was the best shower I had ever had in my life. We kissed, caressed, and even made love in the shower. But, this was just the beginning.

We left the shower and moved straight to the bed. This woman had such a great body. She had the most stunning feminine figure. Most importantly, she knew how to use what she was endowed with. She gave me all forms of sensual pleasure in ways I could only imagine before meeting her. This experience marked a turning point in my life because I’ve never turned back since then.

Today, I’m never bothered by my sexless marriage and my nagging wife. I simply book a female escort to hang out with her after work. I spend weekends with my children and these models have never nagged me or asked me to commit. We enjoy amazing sensual experiences with no strings attached.

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