How Is Sex Painful For Virgin Girls?

Sex Painful

Can you imagine how I would feel if my first time of sex was painful? I would never even try again! So, if you are not able to come out of the whole ordeal feeling like you got your finger burned off, then I can understand how you feel. Many girls really feel pain during sex and some just don’t feel anything at all which is why there are a lot of “porn stars” out there who can get away with having sex with strangers and not care if their sex is painful or not

Sex is a very natural physical function of our body but sometimes it becomes very intense and embarrassing if it becomes too painful! Even after years of having sex, some girls still experience very strong pain when having sex. Some say that the vagina and the clitoris are the organs that are most susceptible to pain and uncomfortable moments. So, when we are talking about something as sensitive as sex, it’s best to make sure that the lady’s vagina and clitoris are not excessively painful during intercourse!

If your question is how is sex painful for virgin girls, it’s better to ask a specialist and find out the root of the problem than to live a life without pleasure. Sometimes, problems with sex can just be learned and a girl can control her pain if she really wants to. It will not be an easy road, though, since the entire world has been conditioned to have extreme levels of pain when having sex. So, if you ask me how is sex painful for girls? It is a whole new thing…

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