After Sex Habits That Are Just As Important As Sex

Sex Habits

Great sex doesn’t end with penetration and orgasm. You should pay attention to your after-sex habits when you have sex with a person that you are in a relationship with or want to get serious with. That’s because what you do after making love can significantly affect your future experiences together. To make the experience of having sex more satisfying, there are sensual post-sex habits that partners should observe.

Here are important after-sex habits that are just as important as sex for both partners:

Taking a Shower

Naturally, things get heated up during sex. Thus, you will most likely end up being exhausted. Taking a shower with your partner is a great move that will enhance relaxation. It will also enable you to bond in a special way. When taking a shower, touch and massage each other’s back, shoulder, and head gently. Don’t be surprised if this leads to more sex in the shower.

Cuddle Up

When you feel worked up after an amazing sex session, cuddling can be one of the sweetest things to do with your partner. Spending more time intertwined with your partner after sex will enable you to extend intimacy beyond intercourse. It’s affectionate and it shows your partner that you enjoyed the experience and you wouldn’t mind another session.

Replay the Experience

After making love, spend some minutes reflecting on the experience. Let each partner say whether they enjoyed it. Talk about how you felt, what worked, and anything that you would love to do in the future if you intend to continue the relationship. This might be great in boosting your confidence and ensuring more thrilling sensations in the future. When replaying the experience, introduce a little humor to lighten up the moment.

Kiss Passionately

Whether you kiss during or after intercourse, kissing should be integral when it comes to stimulation and intimacy. After sex, take time to kiss passionately all over again. Look directly into each other’s eyes. This will strengthen the bond that you share and ignite sensual feelings that might see you get to a second round with ease.


Spooning after sex enables partners to maintain physical proximity. This translates to deeper intimacy. In fact, spooning is one of the most romantic things that every couple should s try out after having sex. As you spoon away, remember to get touchy with one another.

Observe these after-sex habits and your relationship will be better and more fulfilling for you and your partner.

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